At Keels Family & Cosmetic Dentistry, we firmly believe in empowering our patients with knowledge, ensuring that dental jargon doesn’t become a barrier in understanding their own oral health and treatments. Crafting a comprehensive dental glossary, we aim to demystify the terminology often used in our office, making dental visits and discussions transparent and accessible. Your oral health journey should be a collaborative endeavor, and by providing clear, straightforward definitions of the terms and procedures we utilize, we aim to involve you, our esteemed patients, every step of the way towards achieving optimal dental health and radiant smiles.

Become an active participant in your oral health with Keels! Explore our glossary and learn about the various aspects of dental science and procedures. Let’s illuminate the path to your best smile together – because at Keels, your informed choice and spectacular smile light up our world. Visit us now to experience a dental journey where clarity and your comfort reign supreme!